Day 37 - 39: Return of the UTI?

It seems like Butter's UTI may have returned 😔 I saw drips of blood as she peed, just like how she first had UTI.

Instead of visiting the vet, I've decided to take up some suggestions from Rick for the next two weeks and see how Butter reacts to it. He suggested the following:
Increase acidophilus and bifidus back to 2 capsules.Increase wild body to 3 capsules.One capsule of enzymes before she sleep.Feed watermelon.Add raw coconut oil to meals.Half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to her meals.Feed raw coconut water.Add cilantro or parsley to her meals. Most of it are what we've been doing, so it should be pretty easy. I started increasing the amount this morning. I've also bought some pH indicator strips to test Butter's urine pH values. It used to be at 9.0 on 15 July 2017 when she was cleared of her UTI. It was still high, hence her UTI returning I guess.
Her pH value was at 7.0 - 8.0 today in the evening. 
These days we've also bought some goat milk yogurt …

Day 17 - 36: Acne!!

I shall skip the details and go straight into observations.

We started feeding her steamed cod fish around the end of July since we don't want Butter to be on chicken only. She seem to itch more when eating fish, and her pee smells really bad. We stopped feeding her fish due to her itch. We've started feeding her steamed minced beef today.

Butter has also started eating celery, broccoli and cabbage since the 7th of August, we've also added turmeric powder to her meals. This weekend, we began feeding her fruit smoothies in the morning together with her other two meals.

On the 30th of July, we caught some acne growing on her chin and it has been getting bad. We were feeding her steamed cod fish before this (and stopped) and started on the Wild Body supplement so we thought it could be an allergy or reaction to the supplement. However, Rick mentioned that this is part of the cleansing process so it shouldn't be a worrying factor and will clear on its own. We'r…

Day 11 - 16: Stagnant

Started being lazy in updating everyday so I shall update in batches since Butter's progress is slowly getting stagnant.

Her meals are pretty much fixed now except for the amount of supplements to give. We're switching between steamed chicken and steamed cod in the morning and have added more fruits variety. In another week, we'll be able to add other types of vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage or brussel sprouts ✨ Have been leaving these out since they're high in sulfur and will speed up the process in cleansing the lymphatic system. These foods bind to toxins and flush them out of the body quickly.

Day 11 - 14
💊 1 bifidus + 1 acidophilus
Day 15 - 16
💊 1 1/2 bifidus + 1 1/2 acidophilus
Morning Meal
Day 11
☀️ 2 tbsp chicken + 2 tbsp kibbles + 8 tbsp vegetables (zucchini + carrot + cucumber) + 1/2 enzymes
🤤 1/3 pear

Day 12 - 13
☀️ 3 tbsp chicken + 1 tbsp kibbles + 8 tbsp vegetables (zucchini + carrot + cucumber) + 1/2 enzymes
🤤 1/3 pear

Day 13 - 15
☀️ 4 tbsp…

Day 10: Sleeping in the Tub

Since Butter stopped sleeping with me, I've been hoping she'll sleep in her own tub with her mattress and she did! She often humps her mattress so it's always in random places of the house, but at the end of the day if we place it back on her tub, she'll sleep on it 😊

She definitely needs a bigger tub though. I miss the puppy-sized Butter 🐕

💊 1/2 bifidus + 1/2 acidophilus
☀️ 2 tbsp kibbles + 2 tbsp chicken + 9 tbps vegetables (zucchini + carrot + cucumber + kale) + 1/4 enzymes
🌛 4 tbsp sweet potato + 8 tbps vegetables (zucchini + carrot + cucumber + kale) + 1 tsp coconut oil + 1/4 enzymes

• 💩 still dark, twice in the morning, once in the evening.

Day 9: UTI Cleared! 👏

The clinic texted me today and said Butter's urine culture test came back negative so she can stop her antibiotics! A urine culture test is a method of identifying the specific bacteria that may be causing a urinary tract infection. It involves placing a urine sample on a special medium, incubating the sample so the bacteria can grow, and then identifying the bacteria. (Source) And I thought they were doing a microscopic test. Either way, yay! 🌸

💊 1/2 bifidus + 1/2 acidophilus
☀️ 3 tbsp kibbles + 1 tbsp chicken + 9 tbps vegetables (zucchini + carrot + cucumber + kale) + 1/4 enzymes
🌛 4 tbsp sweet potato + 8 tbps vegetables (zucchini + carrot + cucumber + kale) + 1 tsp coconut oil + 1/4 enzymes

• 💩 seem to be returning back to its usual shape slowly, color remains dark.
• Been drinking lesser water these days, but she still pees as usual 👏