Day 58 - Day 61: Supplements Reload 🔫

Just had to make another post before I forget the dates again.

We ordered a new batch of the supplements from New Earth and it came on the 5th so I started feeding Butter Spectrabiotics and Defend yesterday.

💊 1/2 spectrabiotic capsule a day
💊 1 defend capsule a day for one week, 1/2 capsule after

Meanwhile, I really need to upload more photos of Butter but I'm so lazy.

Day 51 - 57: Cheese Bar!

Butter scared the hell out of me after she swallowed like an one inch sized cheese bar without chewing.

The Himalayan cheese bar we bought for her was awesome because it's legit hard, she takes forever to chew it down. A Whimzee takes her less than an hour, but she would chew on the cheese bar and give up like two hours later, not even finishing one fifth of it 😂

Her urine pH value was 6.0 today 🎉 3 September 2017.

There isn't anything else to note. She has been pooping in massive sizes so I guess swallowing the cheese bar didn't do much harm. Her acne doesn't seem to be disappearing despite growing smaller in size, but her facial infection is totally healed. It seems like the dirt grows from within if we skip even one day of facial wipes, so we'll probably continue for another two weeks before stopping on the wipes.

Day 40 - 50: Butter's Birthday!

Just an update before I lag behind too much. Butter is doing well! 😊

We measured her urine pH value and it seems to be hovering between 6.0 and 7.0. All the measurements were done in the evening since in the morning everyone is just rushing off to work 💃

16 August 2017 - 7.0 - 8.0
18 August 2017 - 6.0
25 August 2017 - 6.5

We were still seeing drips of blood in her urine on the 23rd.

Previously, Butter also had a very bad facial skin problem which I presume to be some sort of infection. Her face were red and swollen with dirt growing from within her folds while her chin were filled with bloody acnes. While it could be a form of detox, it was getting too worrying for us so we decided to make use of this medical wipes called Sogeval Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS Pads. We initially bought it for Oreo -- another family French bulldog with skin issues, but we just had to fix Butter's face.

Within 3 days, Butter's face got a lot better with it being less red and swollen. Within 5 days…

Day 37 - 39: Return of the UTI?

It seems like Butter's UTI may have returned 😔 I saw drips of blood as she peed, just like how she first had UTI.

Instead of visiting the vet, I've decided to take up some suggestions from Rick for the next two weeks and see how Butter reacts to it. He suggested the following:
Increase acidophilus and bifidus back to 2 capsules.Increase wild body to 3 capsules.One capsule of enzymes before she sleep.Feed watermelon.Add raw coconut oil to meals.Half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to her meals.Feed raw coconut water.Add cilantro or parsley to her meals. Most of it are what we've been doing, so it should be pretty easy. I started increasing the amount this morning. I've also bought some pH indicator strips to test Butter's urine pH values. It used to be at 9.0 on 15 July 2017 when she was cleared of her UTI. It was still high, hence her UTI returning I guess.
Her pH value was at 7.0 - 8.0 today in the evening. 
These days we've also bought some goat milk yogurt …

Day 17 - 36: Acne!!

I shall skip the details and go straight into observations.

We started feeding her steamed cod fish around the end of July since we don't want Butter to be on chicken only. She seem to itch more when eating fish, and her pee smells really bad. We stopped feeding her fish due to her itch. We've started feeding her steamed minced beef today.

Butter has also started eating celery, broccoli and cabbage since the 7th of August, we've also added turmeric powder to her meals. This weekend, we began feeding her fruit smoothies in the morning together with her other two meals.

On the 30th of July, we caught some acne growing on her chin and it has been getting bad. We were feeding her steamed cod fish before this (and stopped) and started on the Wild Body supplement so we thought it could be an allergy or reaction to the supplement. However, Rick mentioned that this is part of the cleansing process so it shouldn't be a worrying factor and will clear on its own. We'r…